Training Day

I just started the final training block before tapering for Ironman Texas. Monday and Tuesday were easy days following The Intimidator half. Today was a pretty big day. It went something like this.

5am alarm

Swim session (before work): 1 hr masters swim for 3600 yards. The main set was 10x100y on 1:30.

Run session (lunch): easy 45 minutes

Bike session (after work): 2 hours hard inspired by a workout that Lionel Sanders posted on youtube. It hits every zone.

Straight into the sauna following the bike session for 20 minutes of heat acclimation, shower, dinner and finally 30 minutes in the compression boots.

I’m feeling pretty strong at the start of this final block. My key goals for these last 3 weeks are to keep stress as low as possible, nail every session, recover like a villain, and keep shedding KG’s.


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